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The purpose of this Society is to educate the general public and members of the Society in genealogical research, and, to preserve, collect, compile, publish and disseminate genealogical data and family history.


We have put together some great publications for public purchase. Feel free to see some of the selections below and visit us on Amazon to learn more and purchase! Click to view or selections on Lulu or Heritage Books

Upcoming Events:

    • 17 Sep 2016
    • 12:00 PM
    • Santa Rosa Finley Center, CYPRESS ROOM 2060 West College Avenue

    If you've been wondering what DNA for genealogy is all about, this is your chance to learn! We'll cover what DNA really means, how it is passed through the generations, and how it is used for genealogical research.

    George McKinney is the Coordinator for the Oakmont Genealogy Club. He has been a genealogical researcher since his grandfather passed the responsibility on to him over 40 years ago. He has received a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University. He speaks regularly in the North Bay.

    Santa Rosa Finley Center, CYPRESS ROOM 2060 West College Avenue

    Chat at Noon – Program at 1:00 p.m.

    Click here for flyer

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